What kind of photography do you do?

Relaxed, natural images that you'll love to show off! Find out more on the 'my approach' page.

Who are you?

A small Scottish photographer. My comfort zone is behind a camera, definitely not in front of a camera. I have superpowers. Read all about me here.

How far in advance do I have to book you?

My diary changes by the day and it gets busier by the year so it's really helpful to confirm your booking as early as possible. However, don't panic if your wedding is only a few months or weeks away. I may be able to help and it's always worth asking. I once photographed a wedding at two days' notice but I wouldn't recommend leaving it quite that late! If I'm not available then I can help find you another great photographer through my mighty network of professionals.

Do you provide digital downloads or USB sticks?

I provide all images via digital download. USB sticks are no longer included as standard in my packages but they are available for an additional, small fee. Please, please make sure you save the images and back them up a couple of times (on an extra hard drive and in the cloud) to safeguard yourselves against the perils of ever-changing technology and all those 'trusty' computer updates.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I have full insurance for my camera kit, along with public liability and professional indemnity insurance, and a basic disclosure from Disclosure Scotland. 

PS If you don't already have it, I do recommend getting your own wedding insurance. I've heard too many tales in which it would've saved the day.

Have you shot at my venue before?

Maybe! If I have, I can show you photos I've taken there but I always visit new venues ahead of your wedding so I'm very prepared. Usually I pop along a few days before to meet the staff and get to know all the wee nooks and crannies. I scout out the best places to do your portraits and groups, and I make a contingency plan for bad weather. 

I've also shot at plenty of venues without seeing it first - either the wedding has been booked at very short notice or I've stepped in to help another photographer - and it's always worked out perfectly. Sometimes turning up with a fresh pair of eyes is best. I'm happy to show you examples if you like.

Can you shoot my wedding in Edinburgh/London/Italy?

Yes! I am based in Glasgow and the bulk of my work is in Scotland but I work wherever my clients need me. Sometimes travel/accommodation costs will apply but we can discuss that when you get in touch.

What's the point of a pre-wedding/engagement shoot?

This is really handy if you're nervous about being photographed. It gets you used to my camera and we get to know each other a bit better. My photography values always apply: natural, creative, nothing awkward or posed. It helps me to know if there are any angles you hate or things you don't want to see in photos as I always aim to take flattering pictures. This can be done soon (the images are really handy for save-the-date cards)  or closer to the date of your wedding. Some people like to turn an engagement shoot photo into a signing board or guest book. Some people choose to put them on their walls or show off on Facebook. Read more about them here.

I'm not ready to book my wedding photography yet. Can I book you for an engagement shoot anyway?

Yes, that's fine. I can do engagement shoots separate from wedding bookings.

How far in advance are you booking weddings?

I'm currently booking weddings for 2019 and 2020. If your wedding date is beyond that then please let me know. I can get in touch as soon as I start taking bookings for your date and give you first refusal to book.

Can you help me find a florist/band/stationer/dress-maker etc?

Yes! I love to work with suppliers I know and trust so I'm happy to offer recommendations.

Do you take family group photos?

Yes, if you want them! I can advise you how this works so it doesn't take over your day. We'll work out a list beforehand and schedule it so it's quick and nobody gets bored.

Can you help me overcome my nerves of being photographed? 

Absolutely. Your nerves are perfectly normal and I'm very good at making people comfortable in front of my camera. Communication skills are as important as the technical and creative sides of photography, and I've loads of experience working with different people over the years: engaged couples, brides and grooms, businesswomen, chief execs, bands, actors, kids etc. I get on with people and when we chat during the shoot it quickly becomes comfortable. I show you what I'm doing on the back of the camera whilst I'm working so you know you can trust me and relax. It works :)

I now offer quick, practice shoots for anyone who is particularly anxious. There's more information on the 'engagement shoots' page.

We don't want anybody else to see our wedding photos. Can they be kept private?

Of course. I have photographed a lot of teachers, health professionals and well-known faces who prefer their photos to stay private. Obviously the photos I put online help others see my work but there are different levels of privacy and I'm happy to chat them through with you. I won't put any of your photos anywhere without your permission. If you want more reassurance about your data, read my privacy policy.

How do we book you?

Simply email me or fill in this booking form. Once I've confirmed my availability, I ask for an initial payment of 25% as your booking fee. That plus a signed contract secures your date. Your photography balance is due 6 weeks before your wedding, or we can arrange a payment plan of instalments if that's easier for you. Wedding albums and prints can be paid for separately after you've received your photos, if you wish.

Are you on social media?

I can't keep away from it. It's an unhealthy addiction. You'll find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. My Insta stories are awful. Sorry about that.

Why does some of the text on this page appear in different sizes/fonts?

Good question. I wish I knew. That's a techy formatting challenge that I am leaving to face another day!

Do I get a prize for reading all of this really long page?

Yes! You win my gratitude and respect. Prizes like that can’t be bought, you know.

Can I ask you something else?

Sure. Email julie@juliebee.co.uk, call 07710 777121 or fill in my contact form and I will answer all your questions. Let me know how I can make your wedding planning easier.