Wedding albums

Your wedding photos shouldn't languish away on a hard drive. They need to be seen. Print them. Touch them. Share them. Put them on your walls. Create a book full of memories. Take time out to relive them. Let your children pore over them.

If you'd like to turn your into an album for you and your family to keep, it's simple. I offer two professional albums in a variety of sizes, covers and finishes, with the option to order smaller duplicates if you'd like them for your parents or wedding party. You'll choose the pictures (I can help with this if you like) and let me design the pages. I'll show you the design and amend it to suit your wishes. When you're happy, I'll send it to the printer. Once it's ready, I'll check it and send it to you!

All my albums feature clean, white page backgrounds. Some pages will showcase one image, some a collage of several. 

Please look through the information below and let me know if you have any questions or you'd like something a little different. I have sample albums of both types, along with fabric samples, so please shout if you'd like to see (and feel!) them in person.

Disclaimer: the images on this page are from my supplier. I didn't take the photos featured in the albums or take the photos of the albums themselves.

Perfect album

This album features photos professionally-printed directly onto quality lustre paper. It looks great and really brings your photos to life. It comes in a variety of covers (leather, leatherette, linen or hessian), with or without etched wording. 


8x8" or 10x8" / 10 spreads (20 pages) : £380

8x8" or 10x8" / 20 spreads (40 pages) : £480

12x8" / 10 spreads (20 pages) : £430

12x8" / 20 spreads (40 pages) : £530

12x12" or 14x10" / 10 spreads (20 pages) : £480

12x12" or 14x10" / 20 spreads (40 pages) : £580

Additional spreads: £20 each

Leather cover: £28.25 to £51.25 extra (depending on dimensions)

Fine Art album

This album features photos professionally-printed directly onto tactile, smooth cotton paper with lay-flat pages. It looks and feels luxurious and is my favourite paper. Covers can be leather, linen or hessian, with or without etched wording.


8x8" or 10x7" / 10 spreads (20 pages) : £480

8x8" or 10x7" / 20 spreads (40 pages) : £580

12x12" or 14x10" / 10 spreads (20 pages) : £530

12x12" or 14x10" / 20 spreads (40 pages) : £630

Additional spreads: £20 each for the smaller albums, £25 for the larger albums.

Leather cover: no additional cost

Duplicate albums and books

At the time of ordering your original album, you can choose an additional full-size or downscaled duplicate - these are usually ordered as gifts for parents or members of the wedding party. Prices depend on sizes and quantities but I can sometimes get large discounts on these so please ask me for a bespoke quote. 

A professionally printed book version can also be ordered at the same time as the original - these are professionally printed on lustre paper so they're similar to the Perfect album but in book form. These cost £100 each or £160 for two. Leather covers cost extra - they're £30 per book and etching costs £11. 

Further information

  • To order, simply email me at and we'll get the ball rolling.

  • Your album must be paid for at the time of your order. Any extras must be paid for when it's time to send it to the printer.

  • Images are chosen by tagging them in your private online gallery. I'll reactivate it so you can choose your photos.

  • I'll start the design as soon as I receive your image choices. If necessary, we can remove some or add more during the design process.

  • The number of images used in each album varies wildly according to dimensions, layout and personal preference. As a guide, my latest 12x8" 10 spread album featured 50 photos; my latest 12x8" 20 spread album featured 90 photos.

  • I can send you a link to all your cover options - there are loads of colours available in leather, leatherette and linen.

  • I use a professional online proofing system for you to check designs and provide feedback.

  • Feedback must be supplied within one week of receiving each draft, unless a different timescale has been agreed in advance.

  • The third draft must be the final design. Any further changes will incur a charge of £30 per draft to cover my time.

  • Sign-off must be made via the proofing system to start the printing process.

  • Nothing will be sent to the printer until I've received full payment.

  • Please allow ten working days for printing and checking. If there are any issues or delays, I will let you know asap.

  • Prices include packaging and delivery within the UK. On some occasions I can hand deliver your albums, otherwise I'll send them by courier.

  • All the above prices are valid until the end of August 2019.

  • Other album dimensions are available and there are also other styles of album. The ones I choose to feature are of high quality, suit my style of work and are reasonably priced. If you'd like me to show you other available styles then please let me know.