My approach to wedding photography

Natural, relaxed, happy photos

I mix candid photography with relaxed, flattering portraits, and I'm great at making nervous people feel comfy in front of my camera. 

No fixed grins. No awkward poses. No fake filters.

I’m there to photograph your story… wherever your story takes you.

Read on for more information and a few bits of advice.

Your wedding ceremony photography

I shoot ceremonies in stealth mode. It's all captured candidly - whether it's humanist, religious or civil, alternative, traditional, DIY or an elopement. 

Some locations - churches in particular - have strict rules about wedding photography so it's worth checking that when you book. I speak to officiants beforehand, always obey the venue's rules and don't get in the way. 

Documentary-style wedding photography

My photographer friends call me 'The Queen of Candids'. I love focusing mainly on this style, whether you call it storytelling, reportage or documentary photography.

Nervous laughs during your wedding preparations, stolen glances during your ceremony, laughs with friends afterwards, two families connecting over drinks, kids playing in their fanciest outfits, proud smiles during speeches and shuffles on the dance floor. 

I hate to sound like a stalker here but I watch it all happen. I lurk in corners and sneak through crowds, watching stories unfold. It's all about working with the light, seeking the best angles and capturing fleeting moments when your guests aren't worrying about what they look like... unless they're eating. I don't photograph people eating!

Family photos

I know I keep banging on about natural, candid photos but there’s always a place for group shots if you want them. These can be really important to your families so it's useful to take some time to think about what you want.

There are varying levels of 'formal' photos so they don't have to be painful or traditionally-posed. There has to be an element of coordination involved but I’m very good at organising lots of people and I can coax smiles from camera-shy guests who have one eye on the bar.

I can help you work out the amount of time group shots will take and what's possible in your schedule. We'll make a list in advance, recruit a couple of family members to help round people up, and get through them as quickly as possible so they don’t take over your day. 

Relaxed couple portraits

Your portrait shoot will be simple, relaxed and it won't take long! A wander around the photo locations we have our eyes on will usually take about 20 minutes. Or, if light and timings allow, we can split it into afternoon and evening sessions. 

I’ll never put you into fake or contrived situations. There's no 'posing'. I'll simply photograph you together, whether you're standing, walking or chatting. Look at each other or look at the camera. Whatever makes you happy and reflects your relationship. That’s it unless you want a bit of direction.

Everyone behaves differently in front of the camera but I'll make sure you feel comfortable and we'll work together to produce photos you love.

We'll talk it all through before your wedding but send any questions my way.

Are you nervous about wedding photos?

Nerves are perfectly normal but I am really good at making people relax in front of my camera. It is my superpower.

One of the things I hear from clients is that they booked me because they'd seen how comfortable people look in the photos on my website. 

Most people worry about being photographed - seriously - but trust me. I'm friendly and approachable, and I don't put anyone into forced or awkward positions. There are no cheesy poses, bored faces or fake grins on my watch.

I can show you photos on the back of my camera so you know I'm getting shots you'll love.

If you have any concerns, just get in touch and we’ll talk it through.

What's next?

If my approach feels right to you and it ticks your boxes, then phone 07710 777121, email or fill in this contact form. I can meet for a cuppa or I'll even do a Skype call when given enough notice to brush my hair and tidy my desk.